Black Floor Sign Holder





Black Floor Sign Holder
Black Floor Sign Holder is also known as a floor stand, a bulletin poster etc.
It is widely used at the banks, stores, lobbies, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies and more.
Floor Sign Holders are popular with retail stores, mall displays and other POP uses.
It is made of lightweight steel construction for ease of moving the poster stand  around
This floor sign holder  comes in attractive glossy black finish and
accepts 22″ wide by 28″ high poster signs.
It can accept  a double-sided  1/4″ inch thick signs
or 2 pieces of 1/8″ thick signs back to back
The floor sign holder allows message visibility from both sides
It stands up to 5 feet high ensuring visual impact by the pedestrians.
These information stands are recommended to be used with thicker signage.
Ideal sign media include  foam core, 4mm Coroplasts, cardboard stock or even pvc in order to keep the sign upright.
Signs can be loaded from the top slot
The bottom base provides a firm stability making it safe for display.
Reasonable overall height to easily grab attention at eye level
Sign hardware can be reused over and over again and for indoor usage only
Pricing is for hardware only.
Inserts are priced separately

Add a 2-sided  4mm coroplast insert for $50.00 only